The notion that women need to dress in an “age appropriate” way has always seemed utterly absurd to me. Did you ever wonder where this concept comes from? I’d love to know. Is there some sort of secret committee that gets together every few years to decide what women over 40 can, and cannot wear?

I don’t particularly like the idea that our membership cards to the “fashionista club” expire when we hit a certain age. Women don’t have a “sell by” date, and it really rubs me the wrong way when the media treats us as if we do. So….let’s talk fashion. Should older women be conscious of their age when deciding what styles to wear? In my opinion, no they shouldn’t. Age has very little to do with personal style. Who cares what the fashion police think? What really matters is what you think about what you wear. Does the piece of clothing flatter your figure and your coloring? Does it reflect your personality and make you feel pretty and powerful when you wear it? If the answer is yes, then it’s appropriate for you.

I borrowed this dress and motorcycle jacket from daughter’s closet. Even though there is 32 years between us, we often share clothes, and a lot of what she owns could be worn by her millennial friends. Fashion is about expressing your individuality, so don’t let your inner critic tell you that you are too old to wear a style if you truly love it. Clothing can be worn a million different ways, so there’s always a way to style a piece to make it work for you regardless of how old you are. The rules are changing, and the days when a twenty-something at Vogue had the power to dictate what we wear and how we wear it, are officially over. Long live ageless fashion!

Dress by H&M
Jacket by H&M
Shoes by Pedro Garcia
Bag by Aldo




An 83-year-old former Playboy bunny is getting a lot of attention for what she’s doing in Las Vegas. A photoshoot in downtown Las Vegas is a normal day for Dorrie Jacobson.

A little black dress, stilettos, and bright orange nails — this is what the grandmother wears for thousands of her Instagram followers and the faithful fanbase she’s gathered from her blog, and she’s using the attention to get at least one message across:

“This business of being age appropriate is ridiculous. Get out there and break the rules,” said Jacobson.

With the help of her daughter behind the camera, Jacobson never stepped out of the limelight. She was a Playboy bunny in her 20s, but she has continued modeling well into her 80s, and her fans got to see her put on the old bunny uniform just a few weeks ago.

“The bunnies were the main attraction at the Playboy club, which was a life-changing experience,” said Jacobson.

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Why am I suddenly prancing around in lingerie in my 80s? Because I want to encourage women to embrace their bodies at every age. Why do we have to be young and flawless to be considered beautiful? Society is obsessed with youth… and I want to broaden that definition of beauty to include women of all ages. It’s time to challenge the beauty standards set by society, and do away with this idea that a woman’s allure has an expiration date. I want women to be celebrated at every stage of our lives, not just the small window of time when we embody the physical ideal. Age is an attitude. It’s time we stop letting a number define who we are and we present ourselves to the world. If it makes you feel pretty, wear it.

~ Dorrie
Senior Style Bible

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Video Production by Rachel Aston and Creative Collab.
Shoot Locations: Park on Fremont and Commonwealth in Las Vegas.


Dorrie Jacobson is a firecracker at 80. Under the moniker Senior Style Bible, the fashion blogger is invested in changing the perception of “age appropriate.” Based in Las Vegas, her flashy past and style mirrors the Entertainment Capital of the World.

After intensely Insta-stalking, we flew out to Las Vegas and sat down to get to know Senior Style Bible. Watch below to learn how she’s turning heads at 80, what she learned from being a Playboy bunny and how she feels about dressing “age appropriate.”

We discovered Dorrie through her bold and colorful outfit posts on Instagram, and as we kept digging into her addicting feed, her story demanded our attention. Not only was she one of the original Playboy bunnies at the Chicago club, Dorrie was the first Miss Polaroid for the camera company.

Name: Dorrie Jacobson

Age: 80

Blog: Senior Style Bible

How would you describe your style? Whatever the opposite of “Granny Chic” is…

Favorite decade? The ’50s, because that was the era of Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack. Now those guys really knew how to have a good time…and so did I!

Eternal style muse? Audrey Hepburn. She epitomizes timeless elegance and style.

Favorite item in your closet? My lucky red leather jacket that I bought way back in the ’90s.

Favorite people-watching spot? Anywhere on the Las Vegas strip. I see fashion statements that defy description.

Go-to outfit? Skinny jeans and a cashmere tank top, worn with a cropped leather jacket and boots.

What do you look for in footwear? I love statement shoes. I usually dress from the shoe up…so my footwear really needs to turn heads. At 80, I still wear high heels almost every day, because they’re my trademark. People probably wouldn’t recognize me without them.

Celebrity crush? Sean Connery. I don’t think the other 007s really compare.

Who’s on your playlist right now? Frank Sinatra

Best place to find inspiration? Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” blog. He’s the reason that “Old is the New Black.”

Who do you stalk on Instagram? My favorite style blogger is Sara Jane Adams (@saramaijewels) and my guilty pleasure is Baddie Winkle. She is something else!

Number one style rule to live by? Forget about being “age appropriate.” Defy the rules….No one should dictate your style to you. It’s a means of self-expression. Make it your own.

hat’s your vice? I’m a shoe addict. I converted a large closet in my home into a storage area just for my shoes. Now that it’s full, I think I probably need to move somewhere with a bit more closet space.

Drink of choice? Wine, definitely wine.

Future plans for Senior Style Bible? We’re in the process of shooting videos for our new YouTube channel and we’re also writing a book on style tips for mature fashionistas.


There’s a small window of opportunity in Las Vegas to wear leather and suede before the heat sets in and anything heavier than a whisper is retired to the storage closet for the remainder of the spring/summer season. Luckily I have started obsessing over leather and suede accessories, so even when the temperatures rise, I can still add a bit of edginess to my outfits.

One of my favorite designers in Las Vegas is Jessica Galindo from Leather Couture. A few weeks ago she very sweetly gave me this bespoke black suede scarf as a gift, and I have literally been wearing it non-stop ever since. It’s an accessory that I can throw on with almost anything and it completes the look. Now I think I need it in an array of colors for summer. Obsession. It’s a slippery slope.

~ Dorrie

Senior Style Bible

Suede Scarf: Leather Couture
Suede Top: Zara
Suede Pants: Zara
Suede Coat: Zara
Boots: Zara
Sunglasses: Steve Madden