I must confess, I own quite a variety of jeans, which I tend to wear a lot during the week when I’m dashing around town like a crazy person and need to be comfortable. I think the key to wearing jeans stylishly is taking the time to find coordinating pieces that make them a proper outfit.

It’s quite easy to just throw on any old top, with jeans, because “everything goes with them.” However, I think they require a bit more of an effort to look chic. They aren’t a license to throw on a t-shirt and sneakers and go.

I generally try to make sure I pair them with an interesting top and at least one great accessory, which make them look a bit more polished.

Fit is also important. I tend to favor jeans with some stretch, otherwise they tend to sag across my bum. I have a few brands that I know fit me well and I generally stick with them, although quite often they need to be shortened. Sometimes that ruins the finish, which is a consideration when trying to find the right pair.

The other secret to wearing jeans stylishly, is maintaining them. Jeans should be dry-cleaned not machine washed if you don’t want them to stretch out of shape or fade. It’s an investment to send them to the dry cleaners, but it will keep them in perfect condition for years.













Sweater by Vince

Jeans by SOLD

Boots by Rag & Bone

Handbag by BD503

Hat by Topshop

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Location: Whist Stove and Spirits, Henderson NV