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The jumpsuit is everywhere….and it’s popular for good reason. It’s comfy, easy to wear, stylish, and suits almost every body type. Having said that….I’m also a bit lazy, and the jumpsuit is a lazy girl’s best friend. Put it on, throw on a jacket….and poof…you have instant street cred. Every fashion “it girl” seems to be running around town looking casually chic in one, so really, what’s not to love? Decisions, that’s what. There are so many styles to choose from, how do we decide which style is best suited for mature fashionistas? What works for the “it girl” may not look so great on us.

Although there are seemingly endless variations of the jumpsuit out there at the moment, I prefer a slightly more structured style for fashionable women over 50. The shapeless cotton numbers look extremely cute and comfortable on twenty-somethings, but I think when you get to a certain age it’s best to steer clear of pieces that resemble our pajamas when venturing out into the world. Instead I prefer jumpsuits that have some shape to them, or some interesting detailing that adds an extra bit of flair. This is definitely the type of look that I can run around in all day and then throw on some dressier shoes and carry on into evening. Like I said, I’m lazy. Why waste time changing outfits when you could be having cocktails?

~ Dorrie

Senior Style Bible

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Jacket: Paige
Shoes: Vince
Sunglasses: Isaac Mizrahi