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Nothing adds an instant bit of chic to a basic look, like a fur vest, or “gillet” as the fashion world likes to call them. I’m a huge fan, although in recent years I’ve turned away from real fur in favor of faux. I think it’s important to support the ethical treatment of animals by flexing our consumer spending power in a way that decreases the demand for real fur and puts an end to the inhumane slaughter of animals for fashion. Faux fur has come a long way and it’s often quite difficult to spot the difference between real and imitation fur. As real fur has fallen out of favor with many consumers, top fashion designers like Stella McCartney now only design in faux, which I applaud.

However, if you love the real deal, then there’s still a way to wear it ethically. Why not wear vintage fur, like this piece? That way, you’re not supporting the current fur trade, yet still get the joy of a wearing a luxury item. Yes, fur is still consider a luxury item in many parts of the world, and that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon, so if you love it, and want to wear it, there are some gorgeous vintage furs out there. I found this one in a second hand store about ten years ago and had my tailor restyle it for me. Total cost $150. It’s by Marni so it probably retailed for around $3000. The other benefit to recycling vintage fur is the cost. New fur gillets can range from $500 to $2500….where vintage, or second hand furs, can often be found for less than $100. So if that’s not an incentive to rethink your purchasing choices, I don’t know what is!

~ Dorrie

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Gillet: Vintage Marni
Boots: Fendi
Handbag: Reed Krakoff
Boots: Zara

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban